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LawPORT - the evolution of legal services

Here at Anderssen Lawyers we are excited to have officially launched our innovative new online service, LawPORT - the evolution of legal services.

LawPORT provides intelligent, cost-effective commercial solutions for your business.

During my 20 year career as a commercial litigator, I have had plenty of first-hand experience with how the legal system works - and how it does not. The system's primary dysfunction is the sizeable expense involved in enforcing your contractual rights - more often than not, the best commercial decision is to chalk it up to a bad business decision and move on.

Everybody knows it is often too expensive to go to trial and clients inevitably take a substantial cut on their entitlements to avoid it. This is not how the system is supposed to work.

My desire to provide clients with efficient but inexpensive commercial solutions, combined with the firm's forward-thinking IT mindset, culminated in the development of LawPORT, an online portal that allows clients to access debt recovery services at the click of a mouse and a much reduced cost.

This is just the beginning. We intend to expand LawPORT into other areas that are in need of cost-effective solutions - such as retail shop leases, building contracts and arbitration agreements.

Take advantage of our 3 month introductory offer to launch our debt recovery portal - letters of demand at no cost.

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