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Are you involved in a dispute? Have you been wronged by someone else? 

What if we could find a quick, commercial resolution for you, without litigation?



Why Dispute Resolution?
  • Litigation can be expensive and you are placing your fate in somebody else's hands. All avenues should be explored by your legal experts to find an alternative, faster commercial solution to your disputes,
  • If litigation becomes the only reasonable option, then you need a team who specialise in all forms of commercial litigation.
  • Read more about the services we can provide to you:

Commercial Dispute Resolution 

Why choose us?
  • Quick, effective, commercial service at a reasonable price using systems and precedents honed over 15 years
  • Passionate about keeping clients informed through regularly published articles about topical legal and industry issues
  • Tailored legal services for clients' special requirements, including new legal software in development to help solve cash flow issues
Recent favourable outcomes:
  • Action for recovery of livestock debt - judgment made for the full debt, default interest at 10% per annum and indemnity costs. We then brokered a deal which will see the payment of the entire $700,000 judgment within two years with the debt of $400,000 being paid as a lump sum.

  • Action for recovery of debt - judgment made for full debt and indemnity costs and possession of debtor's property to enable payment of half million dollar debt.

  • Action under retail lease - judgment made in favour of landlord, defeating tenant's defence of misrepresentation. Tenant ordered to pay rent and damages.


  • Unfair preference - where a franchisor was taking payments from an insolvent franchisee but argued that it had no reasonable belief in insolvency as it was not receiving monthly reports.  The franchisor was entitled to the reports under the franchise agreement and chose not to require them - franchisor agreed to pay back unfair preference.


  • Guarantor debt under retail lease - where guarantor was director of tenant company and director did not sign guarantee - agreed that equitable guarantee created and guarantor liable.

Specialised dispute advice available in:
Commercial Dispute Resolution

Cashflow Solutions

Unpaid invoices affect your bottom line. If you are a profitable enterprise, each unpaid invoice represents lost profit. If your enterprise is in the red, it is even more important that you do not provide your services for nothing.
We provide cash flow solutions tailored to your business and each recalcitrant debtor, so that you can quickly recover what you have earned and get on with operating your business.
These solutions include:
  1. Creating agreements which make recovering your debts much easier;
  2. Advising on your debt roll and debt collection processes;
  3. Engaging in mediation and settlement discussions;
  4. Listing defaults with credit reporting agencies;
  5. Pursuing legal action;
  6. Varying contract terms;
  7. Lodging caveats and mortgages.
The secret of good legal advice is not in knowing the legal process, but knowing the minds of debtors and planning accordingly.
Cashflow Solutions

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