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Debt Recovery

Initial Stages

Letter Of Demand

Letter of Demand to Debtors and Guarantors, including reasonable attempts to contact Debtors and Guarantors by phone and advice as to options for further action, given at the expiry of the deadline in the letter of demand.

$120.00 plus GST

Court Claim

$700.00* plus GST and outlays

Statutory Demand

(incl any withdrawal on agreement to pay)

$300.00* plus GST and postage


$225.00 plus GST and outlays

Notice to Remedy Breach to Lessees and Guarantors

including advice on expiry

$300.00 plus GST for all notices relevant to one Lessee, plus Express Post costs and outlays

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*plus additional disbursements such as search fees, court filing fees and/or service costs

Debt Recovery Subsequent Services

Obtain Settlement Offer

Engaging in communications with Debtors and Guarantors to secure an offer to settle any debt

Up to a maximum of $100 plus GST (unless negotiations are protracted or complex)

Deed of Settlement

(with charging and consent judgment clauses and all necessary communications)

$250 plus GST

Caveat (where there is a charging clause in any Agreement or Guarantee)

(including demand on land owner after registration of caveat)

$175 plus GST and Search Fees and Titles Office lodgement fee

Notice to Quit Lease

(including Form 14 recording termination with Titles Office)

$275 plus GST and Titles Office lodgement fee

Substituted Service

(including advice as to service attempts and preparation and filing of all documents)

$500 plus GST

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