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LITIGATE vs EXPEDIATE: Service of Documents

Why is it so hard to estimate the costs of Court action? There are any number of things that can (and probably will) go awry.

Have you ever suffered the inconvenience of the Amazing Disappearing Customer? Just when you decide enough is enough, your Customer suddenly disappears.

If your customer is a person, they must be personally served with Court documents. If you cannot find them, you have to apply to the Court for substituted service, if you want to proceed.

What if you cannot find sufficient information to pin down the likely location?

What if they have absconded overseas?

EXPEDIATE takes the worry out of serving dispute resolution documents. You can do so by posting, emailing, faxing or delivering the documents to the customer’s last known address. If they are no longer there, that becomes their

problem, not yours.

EXPEDIATE - there is a better way

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